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In May of 2020, a years long plan to design and build a chapel began. During this time the state of Minnesota, in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, did not permit restaurants to serve dine-in customers. Service at the Granite Edge Cafe', owned and operated by George and Marshia Bechtold, was reduced to 2 hours each day. It was at this time George decided, "It's time to build the chapel." And the work began.

"The chapel" was an idea inspired while traveling in Ireland. Awaking one night, it seemed certain and necessary that a church or chapel would be built. The original design was more grandiose. However, I can happily say, the final product is is both deeply spiritual and providential. 


Over the next two years the chapel took shape. Its identifying features include the altar stone and tabernacle which are fitted to sizeable Basswood tree stems, both from the same fallen tree. The 5' prayerful Regina Caeli ("Queen of Heaven") statue stands opposite an arched window. This window not only allows light into the chapel, and upon the statue, but transforms the building itself into a large Marian grotto. An image of Saints Benedict & Scholastica decorates the Southeastern wall, honoring the chapel's holy patrons. Refurbished pews, relocated from the Catholic Children's Home in Saint Cloud,

stand arranged before the altar. And the interior color

scheme reflects the vesture of the Blessed Virgin Mary, under whose spiritual mantel we find protection and comfort.

I praise the Lord for His providence in this effort. I hail our Blessed Mother for her maternal care in my life. I honor Saint Joseph, the silent patron of this chapel. I thank the holy twins, Saints Benedict and Scholastica, whose intercession and influence has profoundly guided the history of the Diocese of Saint Cloud. And I thank the numerous men and women who, sharing their gifts and talents, helped in the construction of this chapel. 

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